Remove odor & pollutants

Prevents mold & mildew

Lasts one year

How Dr Charcoal Works?

The surface of our eco friendly activated charcoal contains micropores — with pore sizes of less than 2 nanometers — that absorb bad smells and impurities present in the air, just like a sponge, leaving clean and fresh air outside the bag.

Each single gram of our activated charcoal has a surface area of more than 1,000 sq. m., with each 200 gram bag covering an area of as much as 10 football stadiums or 10 cricket grounds. Yes, you read that right!

Depending on the usage and area covered, Dr. CHARCOAL can last for more than a year when reactivated by placing it in the sun for one hour once a month.

How to Use Dr. CHARCOAL?

1. Hang or place Dr. CHARCOAL bag in your car, bathroom, kitchen, shoe rack, etc. It will remove all the bad smell and also absorb moisture, bacteria, pollutants and allergens.

2. Place the Dr. CHARCOAL bag outside in sunlight (not behind the window) for 1 hour every month (or whenever the effectiveness is reduced) to reactivate and make it last for at least 1 year.

3. Recycle in soil. The activated charcoal inside the bag makes for wonderful manure after one year of use. The product life cycle is complete at it comes from earth and is entirely returned to earth again.

* Please allow up to a week for complete results when you use Dr. CHARCOAL for the first time.


I was really hopeful of this product's ability to remove the foul smell in the car during the rains. Within a a few days, there was drastic improvement, more importantly it DOESN’T show any sign of any strong nauseating aroma my older air fresheners used to emit

Vikas Jain

Works as advertised. Keeps my washroom and kitchen smelling nice and fresh when I get home!

Arunima Roy

I have NO clue how can removing odor be so incredibly simple and incredibly effective... but it is. I kept the bag next to my dog's litter box and...the foul smell is not noticeable anymore.

Riya Jacob

I have tried many other methods with unsatisfactory results to remove odor in my car but this product really freshens the air.


Initially I was skeptical about Dr. CHARCOAL, I kept two bags in my musty bedroom, and after about a week, the stale smell was gone… This bag does the job and is highly recommended