Know your Dr. CHARCOAL bag

1. What’s in the bag?

Dr. CHARCOAL non-electric air purifier contains 100% pure activated charcoal — just one highly effective ingredient that does it all. 

2. What are the options in sizes? What are the product dimensions?

Dr. CHARCOAL is available in two sizes. One option is a 200 gram bag, with dimensions of 5x6 inches (breadth x height). This size is perfect for medium-sized spaces, such as your car, bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Second option is a 75 gram bag, with dimensions of 3.5x5 inches (breadth x height). This bag is ideal for your wardrobe, fridge, shoe rack, and such smaller spaces.

3. What material is used for the outside of the Dr. CHARCOAL bag?

The exterior bag is made of jute, which is a natural vegetable fiber often known as “golden fiber,” thanks to its properties and versatile nature.

4. The Dr. CHARCOAL bags come in a range of colors. Does each color signify a different type of bag containing different properties? 

The color choices are simply for aesthetics. There’s no functional difference in the product.

5. How much area can one Dr. CHARCOAL bag purify?

On an average, one 200 gram bag of Dr. CHARCOAL can continuously purify an area of up to 90 sq. ft. for one year with reactivation, and a 75 gram bag can do the same job in areas of up to 30 sq. ft.

6. How long does it take for the bag to show its effects? 

The effects of Dr. CHARCOAL will begin as soon as you open the bag. However, it is difficult to know or gauge its effectiveness immediately because it doesn’t release any scent, the way conventional air fresheners do. However in less than a week the odors will be completely neutralized and you will surely to know the difference!

7. Where should I place the Dr. CHARCOAL bag for optimal results?

For best results, place the bag in reasonably open areas where there is air circulation around the bag and air can pass through it easily. Placing it under things is not a good idea. You can either place the bag on any surface or hang it, whatever is more convenient.

8. My toilet pipe has been leaking since two weeks, and it is emitting a terrible odor. Would Dr. CHARCOAL be able to take care of this odor?

Dr. CHARCOAL can do a lot for an existing odor, but cannot take care of an incessant odor miraculously. It cannot be the remedy to a spoiled or faulty product. You will have to fix or replace your toilet pipe to get rid of the odor. 


    Dr. CHARCOAL vs. The Rest

    1. How is Dr. CHARCOAL different from conventional air fresheners?

    A number of conventional air fresheners contain dangerous chemicals, such as formaldehyde, petrochemicals, p-dichlorobenzene, phthalates, benzene, along with aerosol pollutants. We created Dr. CHARCOAL as a safe and natural alternative to the typical air fresheners. What’s more, it lasts longer, thereby saving you a lot of money and the trouble of replacing it every other month.

    2. How is Dr. CHARCOAL different from electric air purifiers?

    To begin with, electric air purifiers are very expensive. Also, you have to go through the drill of replacing the air filters regularly, and need a charging point for operation. On the other hand, Dr. CHARCOAL non-electric air purifier comes at less than the cost of a replacement air filter, and can be easily be used in places that do not have an electric charging point. What’s more Dr. CHARCOAL will work tireless and continuously unlike the electric counterpart which will not work if you do not remember to switch it on!

    3. How is Dr. CHARCOAL different from ionic air purifiers?

    While ionic air purifiers are cheaper than electric air purifiers, they are still more expensive than Dr. CHARCOAL. Ionic air purifiers can also have adverse health effects. They release ozone to increase their effectiveness. In fact, several studies have also shown that ionic air purifiers haven’t produced any notable or measurable reduction in airborne particles.

    4. How Dr. CHARCOAL is different from bamboo charcoal bags?

    The ingredient used in our product is coconut shell activated charcoal which is over 10 times more porous than bamboo charcoal, enabling the air purification process to be faster and more effective, even with the same quantity. Unlike in the case of regular bamboo charcoal, activation also ensures that the micropores (less than 2 nanometers) are opened up to enable trapping of smaller sized pollutants.

    Reactivating Dr. CHARCOAL

    1. Do I need to activate the Dr. CHARCOAL bag as soon as I remove it from the packaging?

    You really don’t need to, as Dr. CHARCOAL is sealed inside the packaging and cannot absorb anything until it is opened. Just take the Dr. CHARCOAL bag out of the package and place or hang it directly in whichever area there’s any issue of bad smell and/or you intend to breathe healthy. But even if you do activate it, you won’t be harming the product in any way.

    2. How do I reactivate the bag?

    Reactivate your Dr. CHARCOAL bag by placing it in the sun for, at least, an hour every month. Flip over the bag occasionally while it is in the sun. This will enable all the activated charcoal to get reactivated. In case you live in an area where there isn’t much direct sunlight, Dr. CHARCOAL will last up to around 90 days without reactivation

    3. Why does Dr. CHARCOAL last for only one year?

    All good things come to an end and so does Dr. CHARCOAL! Basically, the Dr. CHARCOAL bag is like a sponge, which absorbs the odor, moisture, allergens and pollutants from the air and temporarily stores them in its pores until it is reactivated. When you place it in the sun for reactivation, the UV rays of the sun release and disintegrate the pollutants. However, few of the toxins can leave behind a very small amount of residue in the pores. Over a period of time, these traces accumulate, making Dr. CHARCOAL less effective at absorbing particles from the air. At times, the bag could last for more than one year, depending on the usage, pollutants in the environment, and area covered. Simply order a new one after a year, or whenever you feel it is becoming less effective even after reactivation and keep your space odor-free, clean and healthy.

    4. How do I rejuvenate Dr. CHARCOAL during the monsoon and winter season when it is not very hot?

    It’s important to note that the Dr. CHARCOAL bag does not need heat, but the sun’s UV rays to get reactivated. and, believe it or not, there are UV rays even on rainy and cold days. Remember, the bag needs to be exposed directly to the sun’s ray so please do not keep it behind windows in your home or your car’s windscreen.

    5. I left my Dr. CHARCOAL bag in the rain. Is it ruined now?

    The good news is that Dr. CHARCOAL bag is not permanently spoiled. You can save it by placing it in the sun for a few hours to let it dry out completely. Once it is dry, Dr. CHARCOAL will begin to work its magic again.

    6. I have placed a Dr. CHARCOAL bag in the bathroom, and it’s obvious that it may be getting slightly damp on a regular basis. Will it still continue to work efficiently?

    Try to place the bag as far away as possible from your shower. Ideally, the bag shouldn’t get wet. If that happens simply leave it dry in the sun to help in maintaining its life to its maximum. 

    7. I had an argument with my spouse and in all this mess I forgot to bring in the Dr. CHARCOAL bag after an hour of reactivation under the sun. Can I still use the bag

    The good news is that no harm would be caused to Dr. CHARCOAL, even in case of overexposure to sunlight. In fact, it would only help it more. Our bigger worry, of course, is that we sincerely hope that the argument is resolved now!

    8. Can I rejuvenate it in a griller or an oven?

    Don’t even think of doing that! Remember, the Dr. CHARCOAL bag does not need heat, but the sun’s UV rays for reactivation. Rather bake a cake in the oven!

    Dr. CHARCOAL — Safe everywhere and for everyone

    1. Is Dr. CHARCOAL safe around children and pets?

    Yes! The Dr. CHARCOAL bag contains only one ingredient — 100% pure activated charcoal — which has no chemicals or toxins, causing no harm to children and pets. Use it anywhere and around anyone, with zero stress!

    2. Is the Dr. CHARCOAL bag safe enough to be used in the fridge and around food items?

    Oh, yes. It is absolutely safe to place a Dr. CHARCOAL bag in the fridge. It’s a great way to get rid of those typical odors from veggies and meat. Activated charcoal is, in fact, often considered to be safe for consumption, too. Of course, we wouldn’t really recommend you to eat it because we aren’t sure if it’s going to make for a tasty bite!