5 Features to Understand Before Buying an Air Purifier

5 Features to Understand Before Buying an Air Purifier

Little do we realise that the air in our homes is sometimes more polluted than the air outside. Living constantly in an environment with poor air quality puts us at risk to many ailments. More and more people are opting for air purifiers in their homes. There are many available in the market but for consumers this is a fairly new product. Many among us are unaware as to what are the features we should look for in an air purifier.

This blog attempts to ease the decision making process for buying an air purifier. Listed are the key features that you need to look for before making this important purchase for your family’s health

1. Filter type: A filter is the most important feature in a purifier. Two kinds of filters are very popular in air purifiers. One is the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and the other is the charcoal activated filter.

Experts in the field of purifiers say that there is no comparison between these two filters because each plays a different role. A HEPA filter is more effective in removing the particulate matter in the air, and a charcoal activated filter is effective in removing odours and vapor based pollutants from a room. Hence, experts believe that we should use both kind of filters in our homes to make it 100% pollutant and odour free.

Apart from these, there is also an ionic air purifier that is available in the market. But, it is not recommended because it poses environmental problems which are detailed below.

2. Size of the purifier: it is said that the size of the purifier is dependent on the size of the room. For example if you have a 300 sq feet room, buy a purifier that has a coverage of 300-400 sq feet. This will ensure that the air is purified in all corners of the room. This calculation however stands true only for electric purifiers.

In comparison a small charcoal air purifier can purify a large area efficiently.  For example a 200 gm Purifier from Dr.Charcoal can clean more than 5000 sq feet of area. As they say sometimes best things come in small packages.

3. Electric or non electric:  When you opt for an electric purifier there is an added consumption of electricity which has to be borne every month. Also, it is recommended that your electric purifier should be kept on throughout the day for optimal results.

The case is different with non-electric purifiers. Obviously there is no power consumption so there is a lot of cost saving. Also, one doesn’t need to “turn-on” a non-electric air purifier. These little bags safeguard your room 24*7 without any additional power cost or overhead.

4. Is it eco-friendly: Electric purifiers consume power. High electricity consumption has a direct effect on other natural resources. It is also better to avoid ionizers or UV based models because they release ozone as a by-product. As we all know ozone can harm the atmosphere around us.

An activated charcoal purifier on the other hand is very eco-friendly. They do not release any harmful chemicals and at the end of their life the charcoal can be used as manure for your plants. So, the product is of use even after its lifetime as a air purifier comes to an end.

5. Maintenance costs: In an electric purifier one needs to replace the air filters at regular intervals. The cost of the filter can be anything around Rs 1500-2500 or even more depending on the brand and/or number of filters. This cost is non existent in a non electric air purifier because there is no need to replace it. All that one needs to do is recharge the charcoal laden pouch once a month in the Sun and it can be used until it is time for the next recharge. So, there is only a one time purchase cost that is involved and zero maintenance cost. Though it is important to mention that the life of a non-electric charcoal purifier is only one year.

These are the vital features that one should be considering before buying. Cosmetic features like wheels, sensors, mobile app don’t really matter as they do not impact the performance of the purifier.


The kind of purifier you would like for your home is a personal decision and depends largely on the need. However, it does seem wise to opt for a non-electric charcoal activated filter. Dr.Charcoal is a brand that you can trust. The product is highly effective and good value for money. Click on the link to know more about Dr.charcoal air purifier.

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